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Gary Eckstein, Mailchimp Pro Partner

I'm Gary, a Mailchimp Pro Partner (you may view my profile on

I provide Mailchimp training and consulting to some of the worlds leading brands, universities and governments through to small businesses. I have a popular YouTube channel where I post Mailchimp 'how-to' videos and I appear in the media about Mailchimp and digital marketing.

I've put together this one-a-day email series to help experienced Mailchimp users and beginners get more from their digital marketing.

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What to Expect

You’ll get an email from me each day for five days. Each email will contain tasks and tips that are designed to help you to get the most from Mailchimp. After the five days you’ll have:

  • Day 1: Imported contacts into your audience and created segments.
  • Day 2: Created and sent an email campaign.
  • Day 3: Setup a Customer Journey.
  • Day 4: Designed and gone live with a survey.
  • Day 5: Designed and published a landing page with a signup form.

“Gary was great at catering to the needs of those in the class whose experience ranged from beginner to daily intermediate use of MailChimp. I came away with my various questions answered and pick up a few key piece of knowledge that I didn’t know about the program that will become central to how I now use it.”

— Leah, Melbourne, Australia
Questions? Contact Gary at

OrganicWeb ABN: 40800872179